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Atlas Sound Announces New LP, Drops Song


With his side-project Atlas Sound, Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox trades in ear-deafening art-rock for toned-down, mellow pop – and the singer-guitarist will return on November 8 with his third album Parallax. Cox has also shared the album’s first track, “Terra Incognita,” which you can hear below.

On “Incognita,” Cox unspools a near seven-minute stunner, featuring strummy acoustic guitars, far-out Beach Boys-style “bah bah bah”s and his delicate, whispery croon. It’s an emotionally raw track about loneliness and desperation – the kind of thing you’d expect from an E.T. who’s searching for some kind of human connection. “I never saw the families gathering around,” he sings, before admitting “these ancient technologies strengthen my bones.”

Hear It: Atlas Sound, “Terra Incognita”

Parallax Tracklisting
1. “The Shakes”
2. “Amplifiers”
3. “Te Amo”
4. “Parallax”
5. “Modern Aquatic Nightsongs”
6. “Mona Lisa”
7. “Praying Man”
8. “Doldrums”
9. “My Angel Is Broken”
10. “Terra Incognita”
11. “Flagstaff”
12. “Nightworks”