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WATCH: Cameron Crowe’s Pearl Jam Doc Clip

It's enough to have even casual fans frothing over the film's October premiere.

Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical classic Almost Famous recreates his time as a teenage rock journalist for Rolling Stone magazine. The director’s latest film venture in the music world is the documentary Pearl Jam Twenty, whose trailer hit the web today.

Premiering October 21 on PBS, Pearl Jam Twenty collects rare and unseen footage of the Seattle alt-rock band as part of their 20th anniversary celebration, which also includes a star-studded festival in September. Good news: Crowe manages in just a two-and-a-half-minute trailer to make the quintet’s career seem vital – even to the guy who asks, “‘Jeremy,’ who?”

The trailer opens with filmmaker David Lynch asking frontman Eddie Vedder when “music first started to become a thing for you.” Cut to footage of the band shredding in concert, stage diving, talking to the press, and bro-ing down backstage and on the tour bus. Then Vedder answers: “When you’re sitting in your room playing guitar, you don’t have to worry about being successful … it’s not gonna happen. It’s just not gonna happen.” Until it does.