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Thurston Moore Trips Out in Stunning Video


On his third solo album, the Beck-produced Demolished Thoughts, Thurston Moore tones down the Sonic Youth-style amp death in favor of buttery, string-soaked acoustic tunes. That doesn’t mean the noise-rock guru has lost any of his weirdness, as his wild new video for “Circulation” will attest. Check it out here.

Directed by visual artist Rose Mackey, Moore says he wanted “to capture the magic touch of dance and music” and “ritualistic love energy” of the arty girls who live in his Northampton, MA, home.

And he does just that: “Circulation” features young ladies wigging out in a warehouse space, and the footage gets tweaked with all sorts of kaleidoscopic, psychedelic effects. It almost makes you forget that Moore’s lyrics attempt to unlock the mysteries of…female menstruation? Either way, it’s the trippiest video he’s cut since “Ono Soul.”

Watch It: Thurston Moore, “Circulation”