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SPIN Mix for July: 15 Songs You Must Hear Now!

Ty Segall / Marissa Nadler / Curren$y

Every month, SPIN editors go to loads of shows and listen to untold amounts of advance CDs to uncover the best new tunes of the moment. Here are this month’s hottest tracks: Read about the songs below and use the player to hear them all.

1. Marissa Nadler, “Baby, I Will Leave You in the Morning”
Deep-space siren sings of a lifetime spent sinning while sine-wave synths and lonely guitars collapse in slo-mo splendor. (YouTube)

2. The Limousines, “Very Busy People”
A bopping synth-pop mewl against digital-age soul death that’s one megabyte of irony away from sinking. Instead, it soars. Like Icarus, maybe, but still. (YouTube)

3. Country Mice, “Festival”
Aficionados of tie-dye and Thai stick might hear a tease of Phish’s “Free” in the riff to this spiraling country-rock stomper. (YouTube)

4. XV, “Wichita”
Jayhawk MC drops Anchorman references into a gritty picaresque, then producer Just Blaze sends a “Wichita Lineman” string sample sailing wistfully over the wires. (YouTube)

5. John Maus, “Quantum Leap”
“Heart to heart / Mind to mind / We are the ones who travel through time,” intones neo- synth-pop’s poodle of doom, pirouetting into a reverb K-hole. (YouTube)

6. Clams Casino, “Gorilla”
Hip-hop producer Michael Volpe’s cavernous chillwave roar gradually ascends to some heretofore unknown level of transcendent mind-fuckery. (YouTube)

7. Ty Segall, “I Can’t Feel It”
With a sleepy acoustic guitar riff and catchy yawn of a chorus, the Bay Area fuzz brat strolls out of the red. (YouTube)

8. Love Inks, “Blackeye”
At once frisky and worn down, Sherry LeBlanc’s delicate, unadorned moan gives her Austin dream-pop trio a summer mixtape contender. (YouTube)

9. The Poison Control Center, “Torpedoes on Tuesday”
Not all indie slackers strive to slyly harrumph a? la Malkmus; some, like this Iowa crew, zap you with pissy guitar and crabby exit lines. (YouTube)

10. Yuck, “Milkshake”
This B-side’s title conveys the melody’s yummy froth, while singer Daniel Blumberg croons and drools like a grunge-era forest baby. (YouTube)

11. Purity Ring, “Lofticries”
An airy-voiced pixie skips through a twinkling, chopped-and-screwed soundscape, emitting dark pop prophecies. (YouTube)

12. Zomby, feat. Panda Bear, “Things Fall Apart”
Panda’s stoned replicant invocation is even more unsettling than Zomby’s Blade Runner–goes-dubstep bleep-blorp. Who’s real? What’s human? (YouTube)

13. Curren$y & Alchemist, feat. Freddie Gibbs, “Scottie Pippen”
Over Alchemist’s sinuous, sinister beat, MCs swap hypnotic front-stoop and backstreet verses, turkey-bacon sandwich included. (YouTube)

14. Balkans, “Edita V”
The name makes sense — insofar as these ATL skronkers squeeze their Strokes-ish angst till it explodes like blaring Romany brass. (YouTube)

15. Nicki Minaj, “Super Bass”
Ignorance leads to bliss as some lucky sucker’s cluelessness makes Minaj’s heart — and this track — go boom badoom boom boom. (YouTube)