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Pictureplane, ‘Thee Physical’ (Lovepump United)

Denver is known for its pot clubs, but there must be some righteous MDMA circulating in the city’s warehouse scene, judging by the piano stabs, diva samples, and general fluo overload of Travis “Pictureplane” Egedy’s latest electronic opus. Dumpster-diving for rave signifiers, the Rhinopolis resident (basically, the Rockies’ answer to Wham City) makes a virtue out of amateurism. Although Thee Physical is more refined than 2009’s Dark Rift, it’s defiantly and dangerously off-pitch: a blurry, DIY homage to rave for a generation that missed the real thing. But, as Egedy reminds us, “Real Is a Feeling.” You can’t get much more PLUR than that.