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Matt & Kim Bring Raucous Performance to ‘Fallon’


Matt and Kim are known for delivering some of the most uplifting and energetic indie-rock shows around, and the Brooklyn synth-pop duo brought that manic energy to Late Night With Fallon, performing “Block After Block” from their latest album Sidewalks. Watch the clip here (via The Audio Perv).

Sporting grins from ear-to-ear, the couple deliver one of the most energetic late night performances of the year: Kim leaps atop her drum stool mid-song, and Matt leads the crowd through tune’s fist-pumping, sing-a-long chorus. Even the Roots’ ?uestlove seems stoked by the duo’s performance afterwards. “That’s the way you do it right there!” Fallon says afterward. Dude’s right.

Watch It: Matt and Kim, “Block After Block”