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Mastodon Drop Unreleased Song, Video!

WATCH: It's Saturday morning cartoons on acid in the clip for the Georgia metal band's "Deathbound."

If you dosed Mr. Rogers, The Muppets, and the characters of Fraggle Rock with bad acid and handed them loaded handguns and canons, the ensuing mayhem would look something like Mastodon’s hilariously twisted new video for their previously unreleased track “Deathbound.”

Recorded during sessions for the Georgia metal band’s 2009 album Crack the Skye, the previoulsy unreleased song is part of the Adult Swim Singles Program. The adult-oriented Cartoon Network also got behind the band’s accompanying video clip, a farce based on the children’s TV programs America was raised on.

Mr. Rogers is played by drummer Brann Dailor, who explains in his best G-rated voice that a solar eclipse is making “people do what they normally wouldn’t do.” Cut to Magic Land, aka the “Land of Make-Believe,” and we see just what this includes: fluffy puppets shooting, cutting, and beating each other to a oblivion, as the earth shakes under the brutal and thundering sound of Mastodon’s “Deathbound.”

Now if this show could just get green lit for regular programming…

Listen to “Deathbound” below and watch the video here!

There’s more good news for Mastodon fans, too: The metal warlords are currently in the studio with producer Mike Elizondo (Fiona Apple, Eminem) wrapping up their fifth studio album, The Hunter, which is expected to drop later this year. Song titles include “Blasteroids,” “Stargasm,” and “Dry Bone Valley.” Frontman Brent Hinds is also working on new material with his side-projects Fiend Without a Face and West End Motel. Read more here.

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