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Hear Lil Wayne’s Chilling Sequel to Eminem’s ‘Stan’


A new Lil Wayne track has leaked: “Dear Anne (Stan Part 2)” is a Swizz Beatz-produced song that the producer says won’t appear on August’s Tha Carter IV. Hear it here (via Nah Right).

Wayne, who sounds like he just rolled out of bed and into his studio, brings one of his most toned-down raps in years. The tune – a sequel to Eminem’s fan-stalker nightmare “Stan” – chronicles Wayne writing a letter to his No. 1 female follower, where he opens up about the downside of celebrity and troubles with his lady. It’s a pretty chilling confessional, and the spare piano and slowed-down martial beat only heighten the drama. “I write you this letter, I hope everything is grand,” Wayne croaks. “I hope everyone’s good / I hope everyone’s prayin’ / I hope …hold up, baby, lemme switch hands / See, lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of shit, Anne. It’s burning me.”

Wayne is just coming off a triumphant set at this year’s Bonnaroo. Check out SPIN’s review here. Tha Carter IV is due out August 29.