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Deerhunter Deliver Hot Cover of Pylon Classic


Back in the early 1980s, Pylon were part of Athens, GA’s college rock scene with R.E.M. and the B-52’s, and the band (featuring singer Vanessa Hay, guitarist Randall Bewley, bassist Michael Lachowski, and drummer Curtis Crowe) helped usher in the alternative rock revolution of the decade. So, who better to offer up a tribute than Georgia’s own Deerhunter? Check out Bradford Cox and Co.’s cover of Pylon’s seminal, 1980 single “Cool” over at Pitchfork.

The homage – which will appear on split 7-inch single with Calvinist, the group featuring New Yorker music critic Sasha Frere-Jones – is a dead-on rendition of the original. Deerhunter flawlessly match Pylon’s tightly-wound, strutting groove and shambling, fuzzed-out riffs, while Cox manages to coax a note-perfect imitation of Hay’s anxious vocal squeals.