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Dave Grohl Goes Mad in Foos’ Movie Spoof


They’re one of the last rock bands who still deliver hilarious music videos, and in the clip for their blistering single “Walk,” Foo Fighters offer up another gut-busting parody of pop culture. This time, Dave Grohl and Co. take on Michael Douglas’ 1993 movie Falling Down. Watch it here.

“Walk” is Grohl’s anthem about overcoming one’s misery and getting back on your feet. In this instance, that means going on an epic terror spree of Los Angeles, as Grohl offers up a spoof of Douglas’ William Foster character from Falling Down. After going over the edge, Grohl lashes back at everyone around him: He assaults Pat Smear’s liquor store clerk character with a Slim Jim, runs over a golfer with a cart, and shows off killer karate skills in a showdown with two wimpy gangsters. The Foos also get bonus points for subtle disses at Justin Bieber and Coldplay – see if you can spot them.

As SPIN previously reported, Foo Fighters are set to perform”Walk” at the MTV Movie Awards, airing this Sunday at 9 PM/ET on MTV.

WATCH: Foo Fighters, “Walk”