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Cee Lo Drops Gilded Love Letter to Las Vegas


At his show-stopping performance at this year’s Grammys, Cee Lo got all decked out, Elton John-style, in an outrageous peacock costume. So it kinda makes sense that his just-released video for “I Want You (Hold on to Love)” continues the pageantry with an insanely gilded love letter to Las Vegas. Check it out here (via The Hollywood Reporter).

In the clip, directed by Mazik (, T.I.), Cee Lo pays tribute to some of Vegas’ finest assets: Caesars Palace casino, scantily-clad showgirls, high-stakes games, and Liberace. Sure, the song itself skews schmaltzy – those overly-produced backup singers sound cribbed from a Curtis Mayfield joint – which makes it a perfect match for Sin City. If the city’s tourism bureau needs a new promo campaign, this’ll work.

Cee Lo, “I Want You”