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Twitter Trio: Bon Iver, Girls, and Hunx


Lots of musicians tweet, but all that Twitters is not gold. That’s why you’ll want to check out every Friday to see whose tweets we’re reading this week — then update your TweetDeck! (Obligatory Self-Promotion: …while you’re at it, be sure to follow @SPINmagazine!)

This week’s winners:

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon @ blobtower
Why You Should Follow: Justin Vernon – the mastermind behind Bon Iver – just announced that the indie folk band will release their second album, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, this June. “so happy people are excited. thanks y’all,” he Tweeted. “makes me feel good and loved. it’s literally about that hey? also, about self-bettering. meow.” Vernon is all about the fans on Twitter; he responds to their messages and retweets the funny things they say to him. He also encourages debate by posting questions like this one: “does ‘famous’, not by webster’s defn, but by YOUR defn, define a person? a person’s status? what’s status? what’s defn?” When he’s not tweeting back and forth with fans, he’s sharing stories from the road (“ive flown out of terminal 3 in toronto so much, i really know some faces and voices. i love the jamaican lady that always is at B14. #sleepy”), discussing his favorite music (“jay-z somehow explains all of popular rap music and appropriately and accurately puts himself atop the game with one song: ‘A Star is Born'”), and talking politics, crazy night skies, French pronunciations, and taxidermied lions. If you want even more Justin, take a look at his blog – there, he expands on his tweets and posts awesome pictures like this one.

Tweet of the Week: “If u look hard enough, everyone is a little bit cute. #everyonepoopsandsleeps #evenjesu”

Girls’ Christopher Owens @ Chri55yBaby
Why You Should Follow: Owens’ Twitter is a goldmine. Whether he’s tweeting pleas to Justin Bieber (“@justinbieber This is an offer 4u to replace me as singer in our band GIRLS,Imagine how gr8 this wld b 4 every1,do this WITH me,make history”), posting bizarre Twitpics to “#MakeMileySmile,” or misusing the word “swag” (“Elder wand >> SWAG”), you’ll have a hard time keeping your cursor away from the “Retweet” button. Expect daily countdowns to the next Harry Potter flick, lots of tweets about (and to) his favorite tween stars, and some of the craziest stories you’ll find on Twitter (“I can’t get out of bed. Last night I got high and ended up stealing boxing gloves from a sex store. I hope this tweet doesn’t get me caught”). Follow him as he follows his hopes and dreams (“I just want MORE, not to possess more, to DO more, to give more of myself I want to feel challenged, I wanna dance in a Britney Spears video”) and tries to make sense of this world we live in (“Just can’t believe sometimes how drastically different people are living right now simultaneously in a world that seems so closely connected”). If that’s not enough for you, Girls also has a separate Twitter account, managed by Owens and his bandmate Chet “JR” White, and we’re big fans of those tweets as well.

Tweet of the Week: “I hope Obama gets high today and changes the national anthem to ‘What the world needs now is love sweet love’ #420”

Hunx and His Punx @ hunxandhispunx
Why You Should Follow: Want a glimpse into the life of Seth “Hunx” Bogart, the larger-than-life frontman of punk-y power-pop band Hunx and His Punx? Well, it looks something like this. The band’s Twitter page is as entertaining as their energetic live shows, featuring lots of great behind-the-scenes photos and stories (“Driving thru the desert listening to Hole, The Breeders, The Frumpies, etc, secretly making out in back seat behind Punkettes backs”), as well as confessions (“I just got an uncontrollable urge to steal a baby from a shopping cart”), diet advice (“Quitting smoking has done WONDERS for my AZZ. Seriously!!!”), and TMI tweets (“I have been touching my privates for like HOURS”). Follow the band as they tour the country with Shannon and the Clams, hang out with “celebs with small dicks,” cover up their hickeys with makeup (“Will I always be a teenage girl?”), and generally have an awesome, ridiculous time. If you’re a super-fan, keep your eyes peeled for tweets like this: “Things I need (bring me?): Hanes size small tighty whiteys, lube – thick not runny, condoms, XL joints, SOUR candy.”

Tweet of the Week: “I screamed my head off to a bunch of college students how stupid college is while the Punkettes peed on me last night. I’m a genius!!”