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Snoop & Willie Nelson Get Blazed in New Video


Today is April 20 — the unofficial holiday for weed smokers everywhere, and two of the biggest puffers on the planet have teamed up to mark the occasion: Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. On Snoop’s new album Doggumentary, the rapper and the folk icon collaborate on a Nelson’s folk ditty “Superman,” and today, the two have dropped a video for the track. Watch it here.

Snoop and Nelson first teamed up for “Superman” back in 2009, when they performed the song live in Amsterdam. This video features footage from that performance, along with the duo goofing off in the studio. It’s pretty standard stuff for a music video, but it’s surprising to hear Snoop attempt to croon instead of rap — the dude pulls off a fine laid-back Sinatra impression. But, considering this is 4/20 after all, the video wouldn’t be complete without some marijuana-related madness: scan towards the end to see hilarious footage of the two getting rip-roaring stoned in a hotel room.