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Lady Gaga Gets Her Freak On With “Judas”


Lady Gaga’s “Judas,” the second single from her anticipated album Born This Way, was supposed to be released on April 19, but the track has just leaked online and is now available via iTunes. Hear it below.

True to form, Gaga delivers a rowdy, industrial-disco banger, and her performance is insanely over the top: She alternates between rapping, a robotic monotone, and a crow-like squawk – before gliding into a more conventional chorus that hews closer to “Bad Romance.”

Tempo-wise, this is one of the fastest songs Gaga has recorded, and her dense lyrics, which compare her damaged relationship with a cad to that of the infamous Catholic apostle Judas, don’t always jibe with the frantic pulse. Here, Gaga stretches a simple phrase like “How could I love a man so purely” into a multi-syllabic twister: “How could I love-ah man so pure-ah-lay!”

Still, there’s no denying the primal energy of “Judas,” and the awesomely dark, bass-heavy breakdown (where Gaga shrieks like some sort horny futuristic droid) is one of the weirdest moments to hit the pop landscape this year.

Hear It: Lady Gaga, “Judas”