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EXCLUSIVE: Toadies Cover LCD Soundsystem


This year’s array of releases for Record Store Day (see SPIN’s picks here) is loaded with cover songs, and one in particular impressed us: Texas hard rockers Toadies doing a version of LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver jam “Someone Great.” As expected, it’s totally unexpected and awesome.

Recorded live last August during Toadies’ annual Dia de los Toadies festival in Texas, the song opens with a mandolin echoing LCD’s synthy intro, and frontman Todd Lewis delivers James Murphy’s lines faithfully, in his husky, Southern-tinged timbre. Every time the mandolin returns to the forefront of the mix, it’s a gentle but effective reminder that you’re in South Texas, not Murphy’s Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

With LCD Soundsystem recently performing their final show ever at a sold-out Madison Square Garden, we wholly endorse the further release LCD covers, as long as they’re as cool as this one.

LISTEN: Toadies, “Someone Great” (live)

WATCH: LCD Soundsystem, “Someone Great” (official video)