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WATCH: Gaga Debuts New Song, Struts Catwalk!


Wednesday was full of firsts for Lady Gaga — she made her runway debut at the fashion-show launch of Thierry Mugler’s new women’s-wear line in Paris, and in the process premiered a new Born This Way track, “Government Hooker.” Watch footage below!

Gaga, who was tapped as the musical director for the showcase for Mugler designer and Haus of Gaga member Nicola Formichetti, appeared on the catwalk puffing a cigarette, dressed in head-to-toe black — latex skirt, see-though lace blouse, and beret. She strutted the runway as her new song kicked in – an operatic club banger with synths, industrial blips and clacks, and sexual lyrics: “Put your hands on me, John F. Kennedy / I’ll make you squeal, baby / I’m gonna drink my tears tonight / I’m gonna drink my tears and cry / ‘Cause I know you love me, baby.”

Later, during a playback of Born This Way‘s eponymous first single, she appeared again, this time wearing all white. She paused at the end of the runway, waved her white scarf, flipped her elbow-length blonde braids, and rubbed her naughty bits. Scandalous!

What do you think of Gaga’s catwalk debut and new song, “Government Hooker”? Tell us in the comment section.

WATCH: Lady Gaga on the catwalk.