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Travie McCoy Talks Gym Class Heroes’ Next LP


Gym Class Heroes frontman Travie McCoy spent 2010 supporting his solo album Lazarus, which spawned smash singles like “Millionaire” and saw him hitting the road with Rihanna and Ke$ha. But McCoy is now getting back to work with his original band and, after a year of writing and recording tunes for an effort dubbed The Papercut Chronicles II, the emo-pop crew are nearing the final stages of the recording, which could be be released as early as this summer, according to MTV.

So far, McCoy and his band have mapped out 30-35 demos for the record, which includes one track titled “Stereo Hearts,” featuring a guest spot from Maroon 5’s Adam Levine. “We had a really awesome session right before this tour started, and we got a lot done,” McCoy told MTV. “We’re definitely in the stages now where we’re definitely picking the cream of the crop… The songs are starting to take shape and come together.”

Papercut Chronicles II is a sequel of sorts of the group’s 2005 breakthrough The Papercut Chronicles, and the band will revisit many of the themes of that second record. The tentatively titled tune “Kid Nothing and the Nothing to Kid Abouts,” for instance, will pick up where 2005’s “Kid Nothing vs. the Echo Factor” left off. “The outro of that song starts this song, and it becomes this crazy, like, Nine Inch Nails-sounding thing,” McCoy said.

Papercut Chronicles II, the band’s first album since 2008’s The Quilt, has been years in the works. McCoy revealed early details about the record back in 2009 — and the band still has a ways to go. Once pre-production finishes, they’ll hit the studio “with a couple of guys who I don’t want to name just yet,” said McCoy.

But the wait seems justified. “Sonically, this record is going to be crazy,” said McCoy. “And these are just the demos. Once we go in and give ’em the Gym Class treatment, it’s a wrap.”