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Panic! Address Breakup in Trippy Mini Movie


Panic! at the Disco just released a hyper-stylized mini movie in support of their March 29 release Vices & Virtues, and it must be a dream come true for singer Brendan Urie, a guy who “missed wearing costumes and makeup,” “loves throwing a big production,” and sings about his insecurities. Watch below!

The nearly seven-minute-long clip is an over-the-top metaphor for the departure of founding members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, and Urie and drummer Spencer Smith’s subsequent healing process and unnerving decision to continue as Panic!.

Directed by their video collaborator Shane Drake (the guy behind Panic!’s steampunk “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” clip), the video, dubbed The Overture, shows Urie and Smith in some Victorian-era fantasy world, gathering their friends, including a boxer, a midget, and girls in powdered wigs, for departure to a better world. But when the going gets tough, the two band members are left to take the leap on their own.

“You can’t save them. They have to save themselves,” Smith says. “Looks like it’s just us then,” replies Urie. “It always has been.” Then the two walk into a wall of fire.

The overarching sentiment here, also depicted in a freaky scene in which Urie tries to save a ballet dancer from her own chains, is “You have to grow up on your own,” a process that Urie told SPIN he struggled with.

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WATCH: Panic! at the Disco’s trippy psych-drama: