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LISTEN: Lil Wayne’s Hard New Single


Considering the briefcases packed with $1 million and the gold-plated champagne bottles, it’s not exactly like Lil Wayne is avoiding unwanted visitors or confrontation. Which might explain those guns and the bulletproof vests. Either way, death is clearly on his mind, and he addresses the topic with Rick Ross in “If I Die Today,” the just-released second single from The Carter IV, set to drop May 16.

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So how does Weezy spend his final 24 hours? Well, by “fucking the world / I ain’t cum yet,” he raps. The song, produced by Polow Da Don, is a re-imagining of “I’m Not a Star,” the opening track from Ross’ last album, the aptly titled Teflon Don — and it’s a hard-rolling banger from the Southern duo. “Roll up and cock it and hit them nig*as where it hurts / I pay these nigg*s with a reality check,” Weezy raps.

But when Wayne goes, he wants to be “Remembered like John Lennon / Buried in Louis / I’m talking all brown linen… If I die today,” he spits, “It’d be a holiday.”

National Weezy day, huh? Would we get a day off work?

LISTEN: Lil Wayne (ft. Rick Ross), “If I Die Today”