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Invisible Children Hit Austin with Deer Tick, Wye Oak!


Invisible Children, a media-based non-profit organization that seeks to end conflict in in Central East Africa brought on by a rebel army, is hosting a four day series of street performances from artists at SXSW to raise awareness for their cause.

“The Silver Series” will feature 25 bands celebrating 25 years of SXSW and recognizing the 25th year of war in East Africa. The performances will be filmed and turned into a collection of online videos, with two of them becoming La Blogotheque “Takeaway Shows”.

The organization has brought together a great lineup for the performances, featuring Deer Tick, Wye Oak, the Strange Boys, Sun Airway, Maps & Atlases, plus numerous other standout acts. Along with Invisible Children, the Silver Series at SXSW is presentedby Windish Agency, Fender, La Blogotheque, and Friends With Both Arms.

For the full line-up and information about “The Silver Series” and Invisible Children check out their blog here.