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Coldplay Continue Work With Brian Eno in Studio


Coldplay’s Chris Martin announced back in December that the band’s next record would be a concept album about “two like-minded outsiders who meet in a very difficult environment and therefore have a journey together.” The band haven’t announced final details about when that LP will be released, but they’ve been posting updates on their official site about the recording process — and it looks like they’re in the homestretch.

On their official blog, anonymous insider “Roadie #42,” who posts regularly about all things Coldplay, has revealed that the band and producer Brian Eno have returned to the studio to lay down vocal overdubs. “Brian is back in the fold this week and the fellas are gathered around the mic for much of the time,” the post reads. “It’s a tremendous thing to get close up to. When the guys are belting it out with the track on headphones, all that can be heard in the room is the blast of harmonies. It’s huge, powerful, and yet completely unaided by technology, just a pure, organic human bloom.”

The blogger didn’t reveal specifics about how the songs will sound, but the group will be adding plenty of string arrangements from Dav Rossi, who worked with the group on Viva La Vida. Back in February, Coldplay revealed they’ve also roped in Ash’s Tim Wheeler to contribute guitar and bassist Guy Berryman has been experimenting with a hybrid banjo-mandolin instrument.

Overall, Martin appears to be satisfied with how the creative process is going so far, in his usual self-deprecating way: “I hear Chris standing in the doorway of Dav’s room listening. ‘That’s amazing, just great,'” the post reads. “He stays a while and listens, then heads off down the stairs proclaiming to no one in particular: ‘Maybe this album won’t be so bad after all.'”