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WATCH: Dre’s ‘Doctor’ Clip ft. Eminem


Who does Dr. Dre call when he needs a doctor? Eminem, that’s who.

In the just-released music video for “I Need a Doctor” — which Dre, Em, and hip-hop singer-songwriter Skylar Grey performed at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony — the man born Andre Young is critically injured and needs help reviving his health — and his career. So his protégé Slim Shady comes to the rescue. Watch below!

The epic, seven-minute-long clip kicks off with Dre sitting above the ocean, reflecting on his glory days in Compton with his mentor Eazy-E. He speeds off in a luxury sports car, crashes, and later is seen suspended in a tank, strapped with an oxygen mask, on the verge of death. Em praises Dre for enduring loss, including the overdose death of his son in 2008, and saving the Detroit emcee’s career — and relishes in the opportunity to get him back.

“You picked me up / I owe my life to you,” Em spits. “I don’t think you realize what you mean to me… It was you who believed in me / You risked your career for me / You saved my life / Maybe it’s time for me to save yours!”

It’s an emotional clip from the two hip-hop survivors that closes with Dre, in the gym recovering from the crash, rapping about Em’s enduring friendship. The moving final scene finds Dre in a graveyard paying respects to Eric Wright, aka Eazy-E. Behold hip-hop’s circle of life.

Watch the video below, then sound off in the comment section.

WATCH: Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor” Video: