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Sleigh Bells Singer Is a Murderous School Girl!


Alexis Krauss was a fourth-grade teacher before she became an indie heartthrob as the singer for Brooklyn electro-thrash duo Sleigh Bells. But in the group’s new music video, Krauss is certainly no teacher’s pet. Watch below!

In the clip for “Rill Rill” from their wonderfully loud and abrasive debut Treats, Krauss plays a blood-thirsty schoolgirl driving a muscle car. She throws her beaten and bloodied bandmate, guitarist Derek Miller, out of the passenger side door as she speeds down a desert highway, then poses for a yearbook photo with her switchblade. “Wonder what your boyfriend thinks about your braces? / Six straight As / Cut ’em in the bathroom,” she coos…. That’s a one-way ticket to detention. Ms. Krauss!

Watch Sleigh Bells’ clip for “Rill Rill” below, then sound off in the comment section.

WATCH: Sleigh Bells, “Rill Rill”