WATCH: Stylish Vid from Sean Lennon’s New Band


Sean Lennon and model-cum-musician Charlotte Kemp Muhl are lovers who record fanciful tunes as the Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger. They also play dress-up.

In their new video for “Schroedinger’s Cat,” premiering exclusively below, the duo and a group of their closest pals (including the Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr.) throw a costume party. Spotted: Che Guevara, Joan of Arc, and Albert Einstein.

“We only had three days to put this video together from costumes to casting, to location,” Lennon tells SPIN about the whirlwind shoot. “We wound up being very lucky on all accounts. It was really just an excuse to hang out with all our friends… Seeing all of them dressed up as some of our favorite historical characters is something I’ll never forget. I think looking back on this video in 10 years will be really fun.”

Watch the clip below, then sound off in the comment section. The band’s debut release Acoustic Sessions is out now via the duo’s own label, Chimera Records


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