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WATCH: OK Go’s Latest Viral Video Is Toast


OK Go have becomebetter known for their over-the-top music videos than their music — and the Chicago rockers seem just fine with that. The band has just dropped their latest visual accompaniment to the song “Last Leaf.” Watch it below.

OK Go’s latest is their most understated yet — but transfixing nonetheless. The video uses white toast to project images of forests and creatures playing instruments. The animation was painstakingly assembled by Geoff McFetridge — and looks to have required hundreds of loaves of Wonder Bread. In an interview with the art and design blog Kitsune Noir, McFetridge said the video was compiled quickly. “I had two weeks to do the bulk of the animation and then a week for revisions,” he said. “So that was really fast.”

WATCH: OK Go, “Last Leaf”