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Terrific Twitter Trio of the Week


Lots of musicians tweet — but all that Twitters is not gold.

That’s why you’ll want to check out every Friday to see whose tweets we’re reading this week — then update your TweetDeck! (Obligatory Self-Promotion: …while you’re at it, be sure to follow @SPINmagazine!)

This week’s winners:

  • Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham

    Who: Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham (@leftfordamian)

    Why You Should Follow: The larger-than-life frontman for hardcore punk band Fucked Up has an opinion on everything — from Kanye West’s comments about George W. Bush being racist (“It was the most sane/rational thing Kanye has ever said”) to the Tea Partiers’ support of Sarah Palin (“Dear America, Having played some hockey as a kid, all I can say is that the last people that I would want shaping my gov are Hockey Moms”) to almost every new album, song, and video (“That new Kings of Leon video is out of control. It has a legit gross/creepy vibe”). Look out for occasional Twitpics — like this one of a neighbor’s crazy Halloween display and this one of some pretty sweet garbage day finds — and lots of tweeted conversations with fans and friends (like @wavveswavves and @tedleo). You can also expect lots of talk of weed — the former straight-edger now smokes pot to help his anxiety, and has lots of interesting stories to share about listening to Die Antwoord while high and introducing his mother to his drug dealers.

    Best Tweet of the Week: “Man, writing lyrics is hard… but not as hard as having a real job.”

  • Portugal. The Man

    Who: Portugal. The Man (@portugaltheman)

    Why You Should Follow: This experimental psych-pop band recently recorded their adventures on the road for SPIN, but fans looking for a little more behind-the-scenes action can head to their Twitter page, where the band members post Twitvids of mixing sessions and tweet as they head to the studio at 5:30 in the morning. They also dole out advice to their fans (“Live every week like it’s shark week”), post all of the strange questions that people ask them (“‘You’re from Alaska, right? Do you know where I can get some really good, clean, acid?'”), and ask some pretty strange questions themselves (“If I were to make veins to put inside a latex skin would I just melt blue and red rubber and make tracks to lay it in?”). Bonus points: They get so personal in their tweets, you’ll know every medical symptom they’re experiencing and exactly what their hotel rooms smell like (“old cigarettes and French fries,” in case you were wondering).

    Best Tweet of the Week: “Had a really inspiring trip to talk about the new album. Feels, looks and sounds great.”

  • Sonic Youth

    Who: Sonic Youth (@thesonicyouth)

    Why You Should Follow: This legendary alt-rock band — fronted by Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore — is often too busy touring and recording to tweet anything interesting, instead posting basic news updates and details about upcoming shows and concert ticket giveaways. But sometimes they give their fans a little more — re-tweeting interesting articles from Nirvana-bassist-turned-rock-journalist @KristNovoselic, documenting weekend trips to Sao Paolo, Brazil, posting Twitpics of awesome show posters and thrift store shenanigans, and introducing new bands like the High Confessions, a side project from drummer Steve Shelley.

    Best Tweet of the Week: They recently posted Chilean psych-pop track from 1968, courtesy of their label, @MatadorPress.