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Sneak Peek: My Chem’s Epic New Video

The emo-punk band's "Sing" clip is like Mad Max meets Kill Bill! Watch it now!

My Chemical Romance just unveiled the trailer for their upcoming video for “Sing,” an anthemic tune off their November 22 release Danger Days: the True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. What do we learn here? If music doesn’t pan out, My Chem singer Gerard Way could have a career in film. Watch below!

Even at just one minute, the preview, co-directed by Way and P.R. Brown (Prince, Mötley Crüe, Smashing Pumpkins), is over-the-top EPIC, much more like a teaser for a big-budget Hollywood film than a music video. Stylistically a hybrid of Mad Max and Kill Bill, the trailer shows My Chem in the role of the renegade gang the Fabulous Killjoys, driving a badass Trans-Am muscle car in an empty tunnel and fighting evil doers with laser guns. There’s even some provocative sloganeering: “In an anonymous world… who will show their face?” and “Infiltrate!” and “Contaminate!” and “Evolve or they exterminate!” Heavy.

Watch the trailer below, then sound off in the comment section.

WATCH: My Chemical Romance, “Sing”