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Raphael Saadiq Chats with SPIN at Voodoo Fest


During the recent Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans, artists stopped by the American Express® ZYNC ZONE, to chat with SPIN about their 2010 festival experiences and much more, among them soul crooner Raphael Saadiq — watch our video interview, plus performance footage below!

For most, producing their own music might bring a level of stress, but for Saadiq it’s an easier task because he’s used to being in bands where he just plays a part.

For his Voodoo Fest set, Saadiq said he’d play close to an hour, including some tracks from his yet to be released record, Stone Rollin’. “It’s a step up from the last record,” he said.”I hadn’t toured for a long time and I was producing a lot and I started to speed songs up to keep the energy going and this album has more of that energy.”

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