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Jonsi Chats with SPIN at Voodoo Fest


During the recent Voodoo Music Experience New Orleans, artists stopped by the American Express® ZYNC ZONE, to chat with SPIN about their 2010 festival experiences and much more, among them Iceland’s Jonsi — watch our video interview, plus performance footage below!

According to Jonsi, his band Sigur Ros went on hiatus so the other members could focus on their families.He decided to go the solo route, releasing an excellent debut and staging a massive tour.

Touring his solo material has not been too different from his time with Sigur Ros though, he said. “The main difference is when I look back on the stage I see different musicians with me and yeah, it’s been really good,” he said.

Sigur Ros may be on a break, but they are far from over: Jonsi said he would continue his current solo tour but next year he would write new songs and start back up with Sigur Ros soon after.

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