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Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump Debuts Solo Song


After more than a year recording, then re-recording his debut solo album, former Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump has finally debuted his first newsong, “Spotlight.” But he needs your help.

“I recorded two separate versions of ‘Spotlight’ and after months I still can’t decide which one should go on the record,” Patrick wrote. “If you’ve got a minute, please take a listen and let me know which one you prefer.”

The two versions – “Spotlight (New Regrets)” and “Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)” — are drastically different. The first is an all-out pop jam with upbeat, dance-y drum beats and synths. The second is darker with sinister-sounding piano and drum machines. Both, however, center on a super-catchy chanting chorus, and both are a vast departure from the emo-punk sounds of Fall Out Boy. SPIN’s preference? The latter.

But what do you think? Tell us – and Patrick — in the comment section below. You can also download both versions for free via Patrick’s Facebook page, in exchange for clicking the “Like” button on his profile.

“Spotlight (New Regrets)”

“Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)”