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WATCH: Kanye’s Epic “Runaway” Video


After crossing the country to screen his new long-form music video “Runaway,” Kanye West finally unveiled his movie for fans this weekend – and the stunning 35-minute video is as epic as Kanye had suggested, with fireballs, marching bands, fireworks, a nearly naked Selita Ebanks, sheep and a tribute (in the form of a giant papier-mache statue) to another master of the music video: Michael Jackson. Check it out below.

“Runaway” is packed with enough imagery and symbolism to keep English majors guessing for years, so West sat down with MTV for a Twitter interview after the premiere to breakdown the video’s meaning. The rapper opened up about everything from his acting ability (“I’m around the level of Quentin Tarantino or Spike Lee. I’m no Daniel Day Lewis but I think you get the point”) to his ambitions with the song (“I was very proud of the sonics, just bringing it back to a Quincy Jones level.”)