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LISTEN: New T.I. Song ft. Chris Brown!


Oh, the irony!

Atlanta rapper T.I. just released “Get Back Up,” a track from his upcoming new album King Uncaged, featuring R&B vocals hooks from Chris Brown and a very direct message: Yes, you can change your life around. Listen below!

T.I., however, has yet to heed his own advice.

On the track, the 29-year-old star speaks to the power of personal transformation, addressing his 2007 arrest for gun possession and the subsequent 10-month prison stint he served (he was released to a halfway house in March). Problem is, just last week the man born Clifford Harris had his parole revoked and was sentenced to 11 more months behind bars for violating his parole, stemming from a September drug arrest in Los Angeles. Ouch.

“I’m only human, y’all / When they push you down/ You gotta get back up,” T.I. spits in that smooth, comfortable Southern drawl. “As soon as I fall down all the haters tried to judge me / I disappointed everybody / Try not to hold that against me.”

“Apologies to my fan’s and my closest friends,” he rhymes toward the end of the song. “I’ll never take you down this road again.” Uh huh.

Listen to the track below, then sound off in the comments section.

T.I. & Chris Brown, “Get Back Up”