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LISTEN: New Order & Hot Chip Collabo!


New Order and Joy Division mastermind Bernard Sumner has influenced scores of musicians over the past three decades, including Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard of London electro-pop outfit Hot Chip. And now mentor and protégés have teamed up to record a new song, called “Didn’t Know What Love Was.” Listen below!

The three Brits hit the studio earlier this year along with London DJ/production duo Hot City to record the new tune, as part of Converse’s Connectivity campaign, which celebrates the British music scene. Goddard tells that it was a treat to work with his longtime inspiration.

“New Order are amazing.I know it’d get you lynched in certain places, but I prefer them to Joy Division,” he says. “For one man to have created both bands is a quite monumental achievement.”

Ever the jokester, Goddard quipped: “So working with him was bound to be a disappointment!”

It certain wasn’t. The song — available to download now via Converse UK’s website — combines the funky, fun style of Hot Chip (see the lighthearted piano, upbeat dance beats, and talk-sung verses from Taylor) with the moodier new wave sounds of New Order (the icy synths and Sumner’s lovelorn lyrics). “When I met you, I didn’t know what love was,” Sumner croons. Hot City — who recently contributed to a new Hot Chip remix album — bring a dance floor-ready production sheen to the track.

“We each brought a different element and the result is a unique collaboration that is refreshing and one which I love,” Sumner adds in a statement. Indeed.

Listen to “Didn’t Know What Love Was” below, then tell us what you think in the comment section.

LISTEN: New Order & Hot Chip, “Didn’t Know What Love Was”