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LISTEN: Four Unreleased Weezer Songs!

Hardcore fans rejoice! Rivers Cuomo and Co. raid the vaults for a Pinkerton reissue and rarities collection.

It’s a good time to be an old-school Weezer fan.

Following their solid new album Hurley and news of a tour revisiting their classic albums, Rivers Cuomo and Co. have raided the vaults for a double-disc reissue of their 1996 benchmark, Pinkerton, and a new 10-track collection of unreleased rarities, titled Death to False Metal, both out November 2. Seattle’s 107.7 The End scored a pair of tracks from both. Listen right here!

From Death to False Metal come “Auto Pilot” and “The Odd Couple,” the latter of which is a love anthem that compares PC owners to Mac owners. Both are catchy synth-driven tracks, evidently from their post-Pinkerton days.

But the real gems for hardcore fans are from the Pinkerton reissue, including a live version of “El Scorcho” recorded during the Reading Festival in the mid-’90s, and “Tragic Girl,” a fuzzy power jam that exemplifies everything admirable about Cuomo’s songwriting during that era — big emoting choruses, downer power-chord structures, and an innate sense for melody.

Listen to both tracks, then tell us what you think in the comment section.

Death to False Metal tracklisting:
“Turn Up the Radio”
?”I Don’t Want Your Loving”
“Blowin’ My Stack”
“Losing My Mind”
“I’m a Robot”?
“Odd Couple”
“Un-break My Heart” (yes, a Toni Braxton cover)