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David Bowie Preps Massive Archival Book


David Bowie may not have a new record of out anytime soon, but fans will get the next best thing: The rocker is prepping a book titled Bowie: Object, he announced on his official site.

The book — which does not have a firm publishing date — will feature photos of more than 100 personal objects from his archives, along with “insightful, witty and personal text” written by Bowie. “Fans and those interested in popular culture will have the opportunity to understand more about the Bowie creative process and his impact on modern popular music,” it says in a statement.

One of the items that may be included in the book is a Kirlian Photograph Machine, a wonky camera that requires users to have direct contact with the film to produce an image. The machine produces wild, psychedelic images, which can be seen in the reissue of Bowie’s Station to Station (out this week).

Don’t expect Bowie to return to music anytime soon. Back in June, the rocker said he has no plans to hit the road again since his 2004 tour. “I’m not thinking of touring,” he told the New York Times. “I’m comfortable.”