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Austin City Limits: The Grub Guide


Pushing through a weekend music festival can be a tough task.With all the head bobbing, show hopping, beer drinking, and Twitter posting, you’re going to work up quite the appetite.

When venturing outside the festival grounds or wandering downtown Austin during pre and post festival concerts, here are a few wonderful spots to hit up and grab a bite.

  • 24 DINER

    What: 24-hour diner atmosphere serving up breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner specialties
    The Lowdown: At any hour of the day, 24 Diner slings up local meat and produce on their varied menu.Give the chicken & waffles, the meatloaf, and the chopped salad a shot.Probably not at the same time though — don’t want to miss the Black Keys because you can’t find the Tums.
    Where: 600 N. Lamar [map]


    What: Vegan eats from the CC trailer.
    The Lowdown: Give the jackfruit BBQ sandwich a taste at this vegan food truck and round out the meal with a couple of Counter Culture’s donut holes.
    Where: 120 E. North Loop [map]


    What: Tasty BBQ to burgers to tacos
    The Lowdown: Definitely go for some mesquite smoked baby back ribs and Artz’s South Austin cheeseburger complete with grilled onions, jalapenos, bacon, and cheese of course.You will leave Artz smelling like BBQ, so maybe pack some air freshener if “brisket” isn’t your desired scent.
    Where: 2330 S. Lamar[map]


    What: NYC-style pizzas with pasta and subs as well
    The Lowdown: The menu has a super list of options for toppings on your New York pie and the garlic knots just might change your life and most certainly your breath.
    Where: 1415 South Congress Ave.[map]


    What: Authentic Mexican cuisine
    The Lowdown: This spot is usually quite busy, but for good reason.Make sure to sidle up to the bar for a frozen margarita and then the salsa bar for some lip-tingling chips and dip goodness.
    Where: 2004 South 1st Street[map]