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Weezer Reveal ‘Pinkerton’ Reissue Details


Last week, Weezer teased the forthcoming reissue of their landmark second album Pinkerton and their plans to perform the album on select dates this fall. Today, the band has revealed complete details of the reissue-and it looks to be a whopper.

Pinkerton – Deluxe Edition will hit stores on November 2 and will be packed with 25 bonus tracks, including b-sides and previously unreleased live recordings. Among the rarities are the newly discovered “Tragic Girl” (which the band forgot about after recording it) and the unreleased song “I Swear It’s True.”

The two-disc set will be rounded out with a compilation of select performances from Weezer’s 1996 performance at England’s Reading Festival plus radio sessions and demos. Check out the full tracklisting below.

Back in 2005, SPIN hailed Pinkerton, now considered a groundbreaking record for all the emo-pop that would follow, in our list of the 100 Best Albums from 1985-2005. “Weezer’s second album began as the alt-rock equivalent of a tenth-grade poetry geek-it didn’t even like itself,” writer Chuck Klosterman said of the album that was initially dismissed by critics and fans. “Yet [Pinkerton] would come to define what emo is supposed to be: muscular pop guitars supporting lyrics so specifically self-indulgent that they must be true. Rivers Cuomo might not understand you, but you can understand him. Pinkerton is not about feeling your pain; it’s about feeling his.”

Pinkerton reissue tracklisting:
Disc One
Original Album:
1. “Tired Of Sex”
2. “Getchoo”
3. “No Other One”
4. “Why Bother?”
5. “Across The Sea”
6. “The Good Life”
7. “El Scorcho”
8. “Pink Triangle”
9.”Falling For You”
10. “Butterfly”

B-Sides and More:
11. “You Gave Your Love To Me Softly”
12. “Devotion”
13. “The Good Life “(Radio Remix)
14. “Waiting On You”
15. “I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
16. “The Good Life” (Live and Acoustic)
17. “Pink Triangle” (Radio Remix)
18. “I Swear It’s True” *
19. “Pink Triangle” (Live and Acoustic)

Disc Two
1. “You Won’t Get With Me Tonight” *
2. “The Good Life” (Live at Y100 Sonic Session) *
3. “El Scorcho” (Live at Y100 Sonic Session) *
4. “Pink Triangle” (Live at Y100 Sonic Session) *
5. “Why Bother?” (Live at Reading Festival 1996) *
6. “El Scorcho” (Live at Reading Festival 1996) *
7. “Pink Triangle” (Live at Reading Festival 1996) *
8. “The Good Life” (Live at X96)
9. “El Scorcho” (Live and Acoustic) *
10. “Across The Sea Piano Noodles” *
11. “Butterfly” (Alternate Take) *
12. “Long Time Sunshine” *
13. “Getting Up And Leaving” *
14. “Tired Of Sex” (Tracking Rough) *
15. “Getchoo” (Tracking Rough) *
16. “Tragic Girl” *

*Previously unreleased