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WATCH: Soundgarden’s Animated Sci-Fi Clip


On the upcoming greatest hits collection Telephantasm, Soundgarden will include a previously unreleased circa-1992 cut “Black Rain,” and the band has prepped a wild new sci-fi video to go with the song. The video was directed by Metalocalypse co-creator Brendon Small with creative input from Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil.

“He had key words — monsters; big, huge, wide shots; death clock; getting them in there somewhere, and Soundgarden,” Small told Spinner. “And then this idea of this gigantic robot that’s going to fight the monsters, death clock screws something up, and it’s up to Soundgarden to kind of fix and save their home city of Seattle that’s been under attack by these outer space monsters.” Watch the video below, and check out photos of the group’s triumphant reunion show at Lollapalooza.

Chris Cornell says the future looks bright for the newly reunited band since their Lollapalooza show. “Here we are, all these years later and we’re in a room and talking about new music and it doesn’t feel like carrying a mountain up a hill,” Cornell told Spinner. “It seems like a completely natural idea and a natural fun thing to do, all the baggage that I think can sometimes come along with that we don’t have it at all.”

What do you think of the band’s “Black Rain” video? Sound off in the comments below.WATCH: Soundgarden, “Black Rain”