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WATCH: New Eminem Video ft. Lil Wayne


The video for Eminem’s “No Love,” an anthem off his blockbuster album Recovery that samples Haddaway’s “What is Love” and features a verse from Lil Wayne, just dropped online — and, like the song itself, the clip delivers a message of self-empowerment: Don’t let ’em knock ya down, kid. Watch below!

It’s a tale of a young outcast being bullied at school, cut with footage of Weezy rapping in a black room with wafting smoke, and Em spitting rhymes in the studio.

“You can keep knocking / But you can’t knock me down,” raps Weezy. “You ran me into the ground, but what comes around goes around,” adds Em. Indeed.

In the clip, the protagonist — all black-eyed from a beat-down in the school bathroom — confronts his bullies in the cafeteria and gets revenge, beating up three punks before walking off with his head held high. You get ’em!

Watch the video below, then tell us what you think of the video — and its message — in the comment section.

Eminem, “No Love” video: