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WATCH: Mark Ronson’s Bicycle Clip ft. Spank Rock


Meet super-producer Mark Ronson’s alter-ego: a pompadour-sporting French b-boy whose mission is to protect bicycles from the thieves of the world. Get introduced in the video below!

The fun new clip for “The Bike Song,” a pop-funk jam with a hip-hop drum beat, soul guitar riff, and bomping synths from Record Collection, Ronson’s Sept. 28 album, starts with the Brit songwriter stepping out the backdoor of a Japanese TV show to answer the call of duty. Then it’s go-go gadget bike and voila: Ronson is in a badass leather jacket pedaling along with a massive speaker attached to his handlebars.

Meanwhile, the song’s guests-the View frontman Kyle Falconer and Spank Rock-encounter a little trouble: Falconer’s bike is stolen by a disguised caper. Ronson sends a distress signal via his special speaker and conquers the perp. Our hero!

The trio then hook up with three cute young ladies in snazzy ’60s mod dress and go for a ride. “Don’t you want to go for a joyride on my tandem / Put a honey on my Huffy,” raps Spank Rock.

But wait! There’s one problem: Guys, c’mon — wear a helmet!

WATCH: Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, “The Bike Song”