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Trent Reznor Developing ‘Year Zero’ Mini-Series


Trent Reznor just debuted his soundtrack to The Social Network and recently released his first EP with his new band How to Destroy Angels. But the Nine Inch Nails frontman is already tackling his next role: television.

Reznor is set to begin work on an HBO mini-series based on his 2007 dystopian concept album Year Zero.The show is currently in the development phase, although Reznor says he’s working with Pulp Fiction producer Lawrence Bender and Carnivàle writer Daniel Knauf.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Reznor offered up first details on the project. “It’s been an interesting and very educational process and it cleared the HBO hurdle a few months ago and now we’re writing drafts back and forth,” he said. “So it’s very much alive and incubating at the moment.”

While Reznor didn’t reveal when the show might hit the small screen, don’t expect it to be anytime soon. “It’s been an interesting collaborative effort but I’ve learned that [television development] moves at a glacial pace,” Reznor said.