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Robert Plant Opens Door to Led Zep Reunion


While promoting his new album Band of Joy, Robert Plant recently suggested that he may want to reunite Led Zeppelin. “I think we’re probably thinking about talking,” Plant said in an interview with A.V. Club.

Plant went on to discuss the positive vibe he felt revisiting Led Zep’s tunes at their 2007 reunion show in London and how he still has an urge to play these songs in concert. “I think everybody feels the same, really,” he said. “It’s not even a talking point. I don’t know how many times Stephen Stills has been asked about whether or not he wants to go back to Buffalo Springfield. Maybe he and Neil [Young] got out in time before it actually had the same kind of effect…I’ve still got a twinkle in me.”

As SPIN previously reported, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham’s son Jason were close to hitting the road without Plant, but the group couldn’t decide on a direction of the project and Jones left to play with Dave Grohl and Josh Homme in Them Crooked Vultures. “It got as close as you can possibly get,” Bonham said. “We did a year of writing and putting stuff together. I loved working with [guitarist] Jimmy Page and [bassist] John Paul Jones. It was so much fun.”