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Photos From the Levi’s Workshop San Francisco!

This past Saturday (Aug 28) marked the close of the Levi’s Workshop – Print Shop in San Francisco, California. Set in the Mission district, the Levi’s Workshop – Print Shop was a community based arts collective focused on the art of printmaking.

Beginning in July, the SF-based workshop opened its doors to the public and invited members of the community to create artwork with one of the two Vandercook proof presses, tabletop platen presses, photocopier, and screenprinting station.

The print shop also held a series of events including a silkscreening tutorial session,10 art exhibits featuring rock posters, design, and community art, as well as an artist talk with graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister.

Now that the SF edition of the pop-up workshop has closed, the Levi’s workshop initiative will be moving east with a new location in New York this fall focused on the craft of photography.

Check out the photos from Saturday’s event here! Plus find out how to get involved with the East Coast Levi’s Workshop here.

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