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Kings of Leon Talk New Single, Video


“Radioactive,” the gospel-tinged first single from Kings of Leon’s forthcoming album, Come Around Sundown, might slow down the band’s decent into Hell, says drummer Nathan Followill.

“I think after my grandma sees this video, she definitely doesn’t think we’re going to Hell as fast as she did think we were going,” Nathan quips in a just-released teaser for the single, filmed on the set of their music video.

The “Radioactive” clip, which premieres Sept. 8, finds band hanging around a Southern barn, and backed vocally by a cute gospel choir of little kids in white shirts and black ties.

“Lyrically, the chorus started out being kind of spiritual, but the verses never matched up to it at all,” bassist Jared Followill says of the song’s roots. “We went into the studio, we tried it, and it wasn’t really working, and we were going to scrap the whole song. Then Caleb went back to an old spiritual song that we all sang growing up, and it matched up with the chorus so nice.”

“Gospel music was a big part of us growing up, so to be able to come back and revisit that part of our lives at this stage in our lives is a pretty special thing,” Nathan adds.

Watch the teaser video below and tell us what you think about “Radioactive” in the comments section.

WATCH: Kings of Leon discuss “Radioactive”