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WATCH: Kanye West’s New “Power” Video


Kanye West just dropped what he calls a “moving painting” for “Power,” the lead single off his untitled, forthcoming album — and in typical Kanye fashion, it’s extravagant, dramatic, and a smidge confusing. Check it out below.

The clip, only 90-seconds long, opens with a close-up on ‘Ye, emphasizing the white in his eyes. As the camera pulls out, he’s surrounded by royalty — pillars, beautiful women (with horns!), and lots of gold — and wearing a necklace that’s so big, we think Flava Flav should check his jewelry box and make sure nothing’s missing. Finally, two men leap towards Kanye, brandishing swords, and right before they attack, the clip ends.

The suddenly Twitter-crazed Kanye tweeted that the clip was “not a video” but instead a “moving painting” — whatever that is.

What do you think of the new Kanye West clip? Is it a video? A portrait? A “moving painting”? Sound off in the comment section below!