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WATCH: Bizarre Yeasayer Video Starring Kristen Bell!


What has one arm, one eye, looks like a deformed brain and is covered in blood? Forgetting Sarah Marshall star Kristen Bell’s pet in Yeasayer’s new music video for Odd Blood gem “Madder Red.” Watch below!

Directed by Andreas Nilsson (Fever Ray, Bright Eyes), the clip sees Bell fawn over the truly disgusting house pet while the synth-washed tune plays along. Bell wakes up at home and discovers the creature is acting amiss, not eating its Fruity Pebbles for breakfast and coughing up blood. She heads out on a casting call, only to be interrupted with news of her beloved pet’s sudden death. She then looks to the sky to see the oddly adorable mutant watching over her from heaven. Love: it knows no boundaries, huh?

Yeasayer’s “Madder Red” clip is one of the weirder videos in recent memory — and it’s a total must-see. Watch below, then tell us what you think in the comments section!

WATCH: Yeasayer, “Madder Red”

[via Pitchfork]