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Soundgarden Album with Unreleased Song Due Soon


Soundgarden are returning to the live stage in a big way at this weekend’s Lollapalooza, but they’ve also got a new career retrospective on the way: Telephantasm will feature hits, rarities, videos, and “Black Rain,” a previously unreleased song.

The collection arrives September 28, but in an unconventional format: The single-disc, 12-song version of Telephantasm — packed with 11 of the band’s biggest hits including “Black Hole Sun,” “Spoonman,” and “Outshined,” plus “Black Rain” — will be bundled with 1 million copies of the new videogame, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, which goes onsale that day. After a week, on October 5, the single-disc version will be available at conventional retailers, by itself.

Fans who purchase the video game/album bundle will have instant access to downloadable Soundgarden content for Guitar Hero.

As for “Black Rain,” it’s an outtake from the sessions for 1991’s Badmotorfinger, and singer Chris Cornell recently recorded some new vocals that were mixed into the original song. “What’s amazing,” producer-engineer Adam Kasper tells SPIN, “is Chris recorded new vocal bits, and his voice still hits all those notes. You can’t tell which vocals are from 20 years ago and which are from today.”

For the non-gamers, two deluxe versions of Telephantasm will hit stores on September 28: A three-disc, CD/DVD combo that includes two albums of hits, b-sides, and rarities, plus a DVD with every Soundgarden music video, including some rare edits and foreign versions; and a “super deluxe edition” that bundles the CD/DVD combo with three discs of heavy vinyl and special collector’s packaging.

Soundgarden popped up for a secret show in Seattle in April (Read SPIN’s review), their first live appearance in 13 years. They’ll headline Lollapalooza this Sunday night — although they’ll play at the same time as Arcade Fire, forcing festivalgoers to make a very tough decision.

What do you think about the new Soundgarden collection, and the Guitar Hero bundling? Sound off below. Here’s the full tracklisting:

Telephantasm (Single CD):
1. Hunted Down
2. Hands All Over
3. Outshined
4. Rusty Cage
5. Birth Ritual
6. Black Hole Sun
7. Spoonman
8. My Wave
9. Fell On Black Days
10. Burden In My Hand
11. Blow Up The Outside World
12. Black Rain (Previously Unreleased)

Telephantasm (2CD/Limited Edition DVD)
(* – previously unreleased on CD)

CD – Disc One
1.All Your Lies
2.Hunted Down
4.Beyond The Wheel
5.Flower (BBC Session) *
6.Hands All Over
7.Big Dumb Sex
8.Get On The Snake (Live)
9.Room A Thousand Years Wide (Single Version) *
10.Rusty Cage
12.Slaves & Bulldozers

CD – Disc Two
1.Jesus Christ Pose (Live)
2.Birth Ritual
3.My Wave
6.Black Hole Sun
7.Fell On Black Days (Video Version)
8.Burden In My Hand
10.Pretty Noose (Live on SNL) *
11.Blow Up The Outside World (MTV Live ‘N’ Loud) *
12.Black Rain *

(All Videos Previously Unreleased Except ^)

1.Flower2.Hands All Over ^
3.Loud Love ^
4.Jesus Christ Pose- (Original Version)
6.Rusty Cage
7.My Wave ^
9.The Day I Tried To Live (Uncensored) ^
10.Black Hole Sun ^
11.Fell On Black Days ^
12.Pretty Noose (Uncensored)
13.Burden In My Hand
14.Blow Up The Outside World (Uncensored)

1.Spoonman (Mash-up Version)
2.The Day I Tried To Live (European Version)
3. Superunknown ^
4. Pretty Noose (International Version)
5. Pretty Noose (Alternate Ending)
6. Blow Up The Outside World (Censored)