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Scissor Sisters Kick Off Fairy Tale Tour


Saturday night, the Scissor Sisters kicked off their world tour in front of a sold out Atlanta, GA, crowd.Their third album, Night Work, has been called “gayer” than their previous two albums. And though the show catered to a homosexual crowd, everyone, gay or straight, had an amazing time.After all, a good show is a good show-and the Scissor Sisters put on one damn good show.

The set began modestly in appearance and sound.Somber synthesizers lulled the rowdy crowd into stillness while most of the band took the stage wearing all black.The moment of ‘calm’ lasted for an impressive 40 seconds, until lead singer Jake Sears emerged wearing a bright red leather jacket and denim spandex.The show instantly went from zero to eighty and never slowed down.

Jake and Ana Matronic took charge.Ana danced and sang sensually (especially during solo song, “Skin This Cat”), while Jake brought nearly every ’80s dance gyration back from the dead-and then some.

In contrast, guitarists Baby Daddy and Del Marquis gave, at most, a deep head nod (until their mid-show guitar battle that was shockingly breathtaking).

This paradoxical marriage of intensity and nonchalance worked brilliantly on stage, but was absent in the audience-as if there was a mandatory 100% participation clause with the purchase of every ticket.When one hand went up, every hand went up. Every lyric was sung, and every dance move was imitated.

This was the Scissor Sisters at their best.Night Work was crafted for live shows and nightclubs, and the band erformed the entire album, except for the track “Sex And Violence.” They also relied on hits off of the first two albums, Scissor Sisters and Ta-Dah.

Since the New York band rarely performs in the south, many in the crowd were hearing the beloved singles “Take Your Mama,” “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’,” and “She’s My Man” live for the first time-and you know what they say about the first time.

Later, the glitter-covered fans were treated to a three-song encore, which included arguably the Scossor Sisters best-known tune, “Filthy/Gorgeous,” along with a wardrobe change from Jake and Ana.He gave a heartfelt thank you, she simulated oral sex on her microphone, and everyone lived happily ever after.

The Scissor Sisters Setlist
Night Work
Any Which Way
She’s My Man
Something Like This
Whole New Way
Tits On The Radio
Harder You Get
Running Out
Take Your Mama Out
Kiss You Off
I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’
Skin Tight
Fire With Fire
Paul McCartney
Night Life

Comfortably Numb
Invisible Light