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LISTEN: New Single from Weezer’s ‘Hurley’


It’s official: The first song from Weezer’s upcoming album, Hurley (out September 14 via Epitaph), is called “Memories” — hear it below!

“‘Memories’ is about that time off in between album cycles, when you’re sitting at home, and you’re getting bored and frustrated,” Rivers Cuomo tells “You’re missing the excitement of being on tour, and you’re missing the companionship of your bros.”

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Sonically, it’s a straight-ahead Weezer rocker, with a buzzsaw of a bridge — and some of the fuzziest, spazziest guitars Weezer’s recorded since the ’90s.

“Weezer’s become a totally kick ass live band, and when we were making Hurley you could just hear the sound of people going into the studio, pressing ‘Record’ and rocking,” Cuomo says. “There’s just an insane amount of energy on songs like ‘Where’s My Sex’ or ‘Memories.'”

LISTEN: Weezer, “Memories”

Earlier today, Weezer premiered the artwork for Hurley, further immortalizing one of the characters from ABC’s hit TV show Lost.

Hurley is not only named for Lost character Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, but its artwork features a grinning photo of actor Jorge Garcia, aka Hurley himself, cropped from a candid photograph of the Lost star posing with Cuomo.

“As usual, we struggled super hard trying to come up with an album title, trying to find some kind of phrase that summed up the whole aesthetic behind the album:Heavy Mental, Smaller Than Life — I was coming up with all kinds of stuff,” Cuomo explains.

“But ultimately, we just went with some random word that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything. I met and took a photo with Jorge Garcia who was Hurley from Lost, he just has this amazing vibe and his expression in that photo seemed so right, so we just call it Hurley.”

What do you think of “Memories,” and the Hurley cover? Sound off in the comments below.