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WATCH: Lil Wayne Ashes Blunt in Grammy Statue!


How did Lil Wayne enjoy his final days of freedom at home in Miami? Like anyone would: by repeatedly riding the in-house elevator, posing cross-armed with his gaudy art collection, chain-smoking blunts and ashing said blunts into one of his four Grammy statues. Now that’s the highlife.

Tag along with Weezy’s Cribs-esque video for “Steady Mobbin’,” also featuring Gucci Mane, below.

According to MTV, the New Orleans-bred rapper filmed the video just before he headed off to New York City’s Rikers Island prison in March to begin his year-long sentence for attempted gun possession. Thanks to some nifty editing from director DJ Scoob Doo, the clip also features the track’s guest rapper Gucci Mane, who was released from his own prison sentence a week after Wayne turned himself in, forcing the two rappers to shoot their segments separately.

Watch the video below and enjoy the tour of Wayne’s house. After all, he’s quite the proud homeowner: “Big house, long hallways,” he spits in the song. “Got ten bathrooms, I can shit all day.”